I’m a young, Australian mum of two. Currently living in Brisbane, Australia.

I love surrounding myself in nature, taking photos and my greatest joy in life is my beautiful little family.

Having my own small tribe and being able to share it all with my loving partner makes me more and more grateful for our life that we are able to share together.

There is no greater escape like being able to make memories whilst exploring our beautiful planet earth with my little family . There is nothing we love more than to head out into the forest and escape to the beach and show our tiny explorers this amazing planet.

I have never met more curious, happy and adventurous tiny human beings before growing and raising my own.

Letting them be curious, question everything, explore and be adventurous is of all importance for me.

Everyone goes down their own different path in life.

Mine led me to these two beautiful rays of sunshine.

They came into my life just when I needed them the most.

And through all the struggles, being their mother has motivated me to come out stronger and keep moving forward.

I hope that by creating this blog I will be able to connect with like-minded people, whilst sharing a piece of my mind with you.

Again, thank you for stopping by!

Xanthe x

Being a young mum means that we met a little early, but it also means I get to love you a little longer.